Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Kathleen E. Woodiwiss

Katheen E. Woodiwiss was one of the first writers of The Modern Day Historical Romance Novel. Dawn and I looked at her website together. It's great! Even though Kathleen passed away in 2007, you can listen to an interview with her, look at pictures, chat with friends, fans, relatives and more. You can see by the message board how much she meant to people. There is so much history, a time capsule, and so much to learn about romance!

When Dawn goes to sleep I'm going to look at her website again, and I want to read Kathleen's first book, The Flame and the Flower. Did you know it was rejected by lots of people? It's a good thing Avon decided to buy it. They sold lots of copies! Dawn says that it's all about the right combination; A determined author, a new twist on story-telling, and someone to believe in them. Just like Nancy Coffee believed in Kathleen. Can you tell how excited I am? You will be too, when you check out Kathleen's website.

To learn more about Kathleen E. Woodiwiss visit her website:

German Interview:


Aglaia said...

She's the first historical romance writer I read (and it's been awhile since I read her)! My favorites, if I remember correctly, were The Reluctant Suitor and The Wolf and the Dove. Although there are lots of good ones. I haven't read The Flame and the Flower. Enjoy!

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