Monday, March 1, 2010

Support a Romance Writer Day!

Alien says that on Hicbar, hearts are blue. I figured they would be green. I don't know why.

Here is a quote I found just for you.

"The road to being published, like life, can be easy for some and hard for others. Never give up the fight! Sometimes the hardest roads make you grow in ways you never imagined."

I say, writer or not. Don't let anyone take away your dreams!

I support you!


Remington said...

Great quote! Beth has been thinking of trying to publish some of her children's books....this may be just what she needed to hear! Thanks!

Maggie Van Well said...

A lovely thought! The only time we fail is when we stop trying.

Suka said...

hey Sallie,

A blue heart? Does that mean Aliens on Hicbar are always in blue moods? I hope not!

What a great, positive quote and message! I think, especially in today's World, it is so important to remain positive and follow your dreams. Thank you for the inspiration!


Sketching with Dogs said...

That is a lovely sentiment, one definitely to live by!

Donna Coe-Velleman said...

Oh, Sallie, you're so sweet. Fight any bastard who tries to take your dreams away!!!!
Bite them in the ass!

Donna Coe-Velleman said...

And I support you too, sweetie.

Pugelicious said...

Hold onto your dreams - love the blue hear.t.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Could the secret message hidden in the words, be ment for a little Tweedles like me?
Who knows the answer? I ask of you,,,,

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