Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bertrice Small

"Look, Sallie! Bertrice Small is speaking this weekend!"

I stopped playing with Alien, that's my favorite toy, and padded over to see what Dawn was so excited over. After swatting her leg a few times to get picked up, I was finally able to see the computer screen.

"Bertrice Small is great," Dawn said as she scratched my ears. "She began writing in the late 60's and she's still writing best sellers. I once heard her say that back then, women were encouraged to go out and do something, so they did. They reinvented the romance novel. Women all over the country were continuing the fight for equality, expressing themselves, showing that women are not the weaker sex and that there is beauty, brains and power in femininity. I believe that making a career out of writing romance was a perfect extension of that. I'm so proud of those pioneers and the men who joined and supported them. Gosh I would love to hear her speak."

That night I found a book by Bertrice Small and stayed up all night reading. It was so good, I couldn't put it down! I'm going to explore her website and learn more about her. You can too! Visit her at:


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