Monday, February 16, 2009

It's All About Love

Dawn is a Romance Writer. The other day Dawn's friend, Ann, asked her why she liked reading romance.

"Because all the best stories are love stories," Dawn said.

"You just like the naughty parts," Ann teased.

Dawn laughed. "Some romances don't even have kissing. Romance is a such a broad genre. They range from highly religious and inspirational to hard-core erotica and everywhere in between. There is literally something for everyone."

"Which ones do you like? Hmm?" Ann wagged her eyebrows. I wagged my tail.

Dawn's smile grew and she got that mischievous look in her eyes. "The ones with the best love stories, of course."

Ann rolled her eyes and shook her head. Dawn's good at teasing her friends too.

Later I tried asking Dawn why she writes romance, only it came out more like, "Bark! Bark!.......Bark!" Speaking human is hard! But I think Dawn understood me.

She picked me up and said, "It's all about love, Sallie, it's all about love." And then she hugged me.

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